Odd Login issue into Orion

Greetings -

I have a really odd user login issue into Orion. 

I have security groups setup for user access into Orion.  There is an Admin group that has full access to Orion and contains IT people so we can do more advanced things in Orion.  I have been using this group for years with no issues.  We have a new networking person start this week and their admin account was added to the admin group so they could get into Orion.For some reason his account could not login to Orion - we reset password, removed account from security group and added back, and he could not login.  I had him try Chrome with Incognito and he was able to login.  If he logs in a regular Chrome window it does not work. 

To add an interesting layer of fun to this I have what I call a Dashboard login - users have limited access in Orion and the use their regular network account to get into Orion.  I added his regular network account to this group and it worked right away. 

We are running 2023.2.1 right now and plan on updating to 2023.3 next week.  Not sure if this is a bug in 2023.2.1 or something else odd going on.



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