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Solarwinds reports 80-90% memory usage for the Solarwinds server. Windows Server 2016 says less than 21% usage (the VM has 24GB RAM).

We've (network engineers) have been bugging the systems guys to up the memory on our VM instance that powers our Solarwinds server.  We've been bugging them because the Memory Capacity Forecast Chart keeps throwing alerts that our memory usage is over 90%.  They finally agreed to add in another 8 GB, bringing us up to 24 GB.  This only resulted in a 7% drop within the chart.  The systems guys then sent us a screen shot of the Windows server memory usage and it shows only 5 GB is actively being used.

Where is this discrepancy coming from and how can we resolve it?

  • Which chart are they using?

    Usually solarwinds agrees with the OS, which is correct, VMware can have a different view and it differs around the OS.

    If their screenshot is windows, AND they dont line up, you've probably got an issue. I expect the line above is the relevant one though.

  • Come to think of it, the other scenario that tends to come up is around SQL servers and/or VDIs "reserving" memory. These are more difficult. If it's a memory reservation solarwinds is usually kinda right, but also it's just not the relevant number, so best to descope and replace

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  • Adam, the SQL database is physically located on another machine, so it isn't part of the equation.  I believe the graph the system guys are using is from the VM, but within the Windows OS, it generally agrees with the VM graph and certainly comes nowhere near the numbers that Solarwinds is showing.