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Orion Maps - Grid questions

There was a previous post about this but no answers, so I'd like to post again

I'm trying to set icons in certain positions but have several issues.

1.  The grid spacing is too large.  Can that be changed?  How?

2.  Can the grid spacing be turned off?  If yes, can it be on a per map basis?

3.  You can manually enter the x and y coordinates, but it doesn't work for negative numbers.  Is there a bug fix for this?

Looking forward to getting my first post answered.

  • Hello phillipmo

    The grid spacing is set to 32 and cannot be changed.

    The Grid Spacing cannot be turned off.

    I have not heard of similar requests for the grid, Could you share the challenges you are having without these options?

    I have opened an internal ticket to look at the reason why the position is limited to positive integers when dragging the icons uses negative values. Ref OO-10797

  • We are trying to overlay icons on a area map (e.g. West Texas, Colorado) and want them to be fairly accurate.  Some times we'll have two nodes close together and want to place them as such).  Thank you for your response.  Also, why is there a 'snap to grid' option if it cannot be turned off?