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Know your Orion system

I have always found it interesting to watch vendors providing Hardware Requirements (HR) and users not meeting them. As any software out there Orion and any Orion module has a set of HR and Software Requirements (SR) but when these are not meet what does happen to the Orion system? 

I found myself looking over the following documentation: 

This seems like a good starting point as it encapsulates the requirements and configuration for the SQL Server and application server. One thing is peaking my interest in this scenario, while HR is described for Cloud environment in an excellent way the trouble comes while looking at the on premises deployments. The documentation is pointing out the HR but it is failing to mention the configuration for the Virtual environments.

What I am trying to point out is the size of impact vCPU:pCPU ratio can have on a performance of the environment, and while this is something that needs to be consulted with the virtualization vendor it does leave open some questions that can be asked when it is already too late to ask them.

Good thing is that Orion does provide VIM as part of Core platform so this will allow you to monitor your hosts that are hosting application and SQL Servers and by monitoring the servers hosting the application you can investigate the ratios that are used and how are servers behaving over time. 

Other part to note is the SQL Server configuration and disk configuration for the SQL Server. Like any database based application the performance of the application depends on the performance of the SQL Server in high percentage (Check your system with Turn on and use Hubble with Orion modules). Since Orion has the SQL Server CONFIGURATION provided would there be a chance to have this configuration to be deployed on Database level over the Configuration Wizard instead of asking the manual work?