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Modern Dashboard - Is there a place to find the code of Classic Dashboards to then use the code into Modern Dashboards? I need to find Temperature for switches.

Title: Modern Dashboard - Is there a place to find the code of Classic Dashboards to then re-use the code into Modern Dashboards?

In Modern Dashboards, I want to create a table showing Temperature, Fan, Power Supply of Network Switches/Routers.  I want to reproduce the "Current Hardware Health" found in Classic Dashboards into Modern Dashboards. 
To make it easier, I just want it to display:
Switch Name      Temp Value
ex: Switch 1          81 Degrees

(I would be displaying switches/routers who's temperature is above a temperature threshold.
If i could get that going, I'd then maybe throw in the fan and power supply.  I just can't find where in the SWQL table or in the Swql Wizard the Temperature values are stored to call them.  Is it under Nodes, Interfaces, etc.  Anyone know an easy way to reproduce Classic Dashboard sections into Modern Dashboards?

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  • I suppose you could use SQL Profiler to capture the SQL queries against the database in a trace. Think of it as a packet capture for SQL. Alternatively, you could turn Orion logging up to debug level and parse the log files for the queries. Either of these options will be somewhat like finding a needle in a haystack if you're not sure what you're looking for. Hubble is the absolute easiest and best solution by far, as you can isolate the query of any widget simply by clicking on the widget to open it on its own page.