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Orion Platform 2020.2 Language Pack Development Kit

What is The Orion Language Pack Development Kit?

The Orion Language Pack Development Kit is a set of PowerShell-based scripts designed for exporting existing and deploying or reverting custom language packs for SolarWinds Orion-based product(s).

It provides users with the tools necessary to collect resource files including the de complication of required files which can then be translated using any text editor. Once translated these files can be compiled and packaged into a format and structure which can be deployed as an additional language pack.

The Language Pack Development Kit is intended to streamline the process of language pack creation and application, it does not provide the means to perform actual string translation.

The Orion Platform and modules natively support German & Japanese languages,  although possible, there is no need to use this process to translate Orion to those languages.

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