How do I monitor a service on a server in Solarwinds and create alerts on it


Currently trying to figure out how to monitor a specific service on a server we have but cannot even figure out where to start so any info would be much appreciated on that!

Also how (if possible) would I create an alert on that specific service being monitored if it were to ever go down it would be useful to get an alert on it.

If anyone knows how to do either please let me know, you'd be saving my brain cells hahaha


  • I strongly suggest you take advantage of the resources available to get you started: New to SolarWinds | SolarWinds 

    There's a lot to learn, but it's worth your time. 

    You want: Monitor, alert, and restart a Windows service with SAM from the knowledge base in the customer support site.  

  • Thanks for that, I followed this and managed to set it up so on our RRAS servers it would monitor the 'remote access connection manager' service.

    Is there anyway I can get that made as an alert that would email the team when that specific service goes down? I assume you could since I've set it up to be monitored but tried creating a new alert and many MANY google searches later I'm still hitting a wall hahaha.

    Any help or info would be fab Slight smile

  • as a step to learn how alerting works, I would suggest you make a specific alert for this one monitor.  Hopefully later you will create an alert that is more generic, but baby steps.

    Starting off, make sure your application monitor is green, then lets get started.

    "Alerts & Activity" -> Alerts

    Manage Alerts (over on the right)

    Add a new Alert

    Name it -> Next

    I want to Alert on:  "Application"

    Scope:   Only the following objects

       Application  (browse the fields) "Application Name"   is equal to "Whatever you named the monitor"

    Actual trigger condition:

       Application Status "is equal to" "Up" (NOTE we will change this in a second)

    Now click "Next" a few times skipping over everything, until you get to the "Summary" Screen

    In the bottom right you will see a yellow box.  You are looking for these words:

    "This alert would be immediately triggered on 1 object(s) in alert scope"

    This means you get basically got it selected right.  

    Now click on the "Edit" on Trigger condition,

    Change that condition to 

    Application Status "is NOT equal to" "Up" 

    Go back to the summary, and it should be alerting on 0 objects.

    Now you can "Submit" it.

    You made your first alert.  It doesn't do anything yet, but go back and edit it.  Look on that "Trigger actions" screen to create your email action.

    once you get it working.  Screen shot everything.... because you are going to edit it about 50 times to keep refining and changing things.  One of those times it will break.

  • Only seeing this now sorry I was off on Friday, but I did figure something like this out on Thursday and managed to get an alert set up but still need to fine tune it!

    I'll keep this though incase I forget so thank you for this, you do have a point about screenshotting everything - I've just started looking into my jobs solarwinds estate so it's all new to me hahaha