Bugs in SolarWinds Platform 2024.1

Hello All,

We are planning to upgrade to SolarWinds Platform 2024.1 Version from 2023.1 

We are having SAM Node based license in pour environment. Previously when we upgraded from 2020.2.6 to 2023.1, we observed lot of issues in terms of Free Poller license and Product bug.

Has anyone upgraded to 2024.1 version and observed any challenges/Bugs so far. It will be helpful to us so that we can plan accordingly.

Thanks in advance.


Vikas Pandita

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  • Unforantely there is no way a company can predict every bug and glitch that may show up depending on various configs and setups. Our policy at my workplace is not to upgrade right away unless there is a security concern and wait a month for the up to date version to bed down.

    Course if there is a security concern that the update resolves we do update ASAP though we have our SW platform veery heavily segmented 

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