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Using Custom Property in Header Value in POST request trigger action...

If I build an HTTPS request POST to a test server with a specific body and specify the authentication header as Token and type out the token value it works fine.

However, if I store the token in an Alert Custom Property, then attempt to retrieve the value within the Header I get a failure "Failed to execute HTTP request" with no details. The line below is what I'm using to pull the custom prop.

Bearer ${N=SWQL;M=SELECT BearerToken FROM Orion.AlertConfigurationsCustomProperties where BearerToken is not null}

The value is returned in the body if I include it there, however including it in the header section throws the error.

I can see the failure in the Event log, but it doesn't include the headers, and I can't find it anywhere in a log file. Any thoughts on how to overcome this or see the logs or get more verbose from the events?