UnDP - Universal Device Poller - Alert SWQL Help Please

Hi Guys, I have created a Universal Device Poller on the Orion server pointing to an APC UPS device.

  • The OID allows the poller to see the 'Current Probe Temperature' of the APC UPS.
    On the UnDP it shows the MIB Name, OID, and Description which are all fine but my question is this;
    In the description part it states the number 29, yesterday the number in the description was 28, and I'm assuming that this number is the current temperatue the probe is picking up.
    (The description is: The current temperature reading from the probe displayed in the units shown in the iemStatusProbeTempUnits' OID)

I need to know when that temperature metric reaches 35 or higher, I have created an ALert using the Advanced SWQL option on the Trigger Condition page so that I can specify the UNDP details.

JOIN Orion.NPM.CustomPollerAssignmentOnNode cpa On Nodes.NodeID = cpa.NodeID
WHERE cpa.CustomPollerOid = '' --OID to monitor APC Temperature
AND Nodes.CustomProperties.APCTemp != cpa.CurrentValue --If Custom Property does not equal UnDP value
AND Nodes.Status 1= '2' --Node not in the DOWN State

The above query is validated but **How do I specify when the temperature or description number reaches 35 or higher' value in the SWQL above please?