What We're Working On for The Orion Platform (Updated: July 15, 2021)

New unified What We're Working On 

With the release of the new unified SolarWinds Platform, we've unified our What We Are Working On to a single post, go there for the latest and greatest.

  • One thing we really would like to see is better permissions granularity.

    Essentially what we'd like to see is:

    • Super Admin level - can do anything
    • Admin - can only edit certain, specific areas e.g. reports
    • Power User - can access all areas, can add certain aspects (e.g. reports) but can't edit other areas e.g. node properties
    • User - can access all areas but has no write/change capability
    • Some other level - IOW can be a combo of any or none of the above

    Also, modern dashboards needs to be brought under control of user permissions so that it can be locked down as needed.

    We have a lot of tech savvy users that like to fiddle and think they know a product just from a few minutes play. But to create a report (hardly life changing or system destroying) we need to provide admin level access - which is NUTS.

  • To add to that, we also need to have permissions profiles so we can easily give out the same set of permissions to the same set of users, also, the ability to test out a user's access to see what they can see.

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