Network Atlas Deprecation Reminder

First announced with the release 2020.2, Network Atlas is a deprecated feature of the SolarWinds® Platform.

What does this mean for those using it?

Deprecation doesn’t mean the functionality has been removed or is otherwise unsupported. Instead, deprecation is an early warning signal to customers to discourage expanded use of a particular feature/function within the product. Ideally, customers should formulate a long-term strategy to migrate or discontinue usage of the functionality whenever it’s ultimately removed from the product. Although there’s no official date defined for if/when Network Atlas will ultimately be removed,  the early warning signal has now expired, and we’re moving toward the removal of Network Atlas.

Based on learnings from similar efforts with the report writer, we may place Network Atlas into a read-only mode, after which users would have an additional period of time to replace Network Atlas widgets before its final removal. However, this is entirely dependent on delivering a set of improvements across intelligent maps and dashboards.

In preparation for these activities, we’ve been gathering customer feedback on the features of the SolarWinds Platform maps to identify the key areas required to bring these two mapping solutions closer to parity and allow users to successfully migrate. The most frequently requested items are the following:

  1. Maps in Modern Dashboards
  2. Dynamic Maps in Group Details Views
  3. Custom Topology Connections
  4. Manipulate Automatically Created Edges (Right and Curved Angles)
  5. Moving Metric Pills on Edges
  6. Support for UNDP and F5 Entities

Are there other must-have features in Network Atlas you’d need in maps before you could consider migrating?

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