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Dimension Merge SCD. Give option to configure all SCD Column types as SCD2 instead of SCD1.

Most of our configurations call for Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2 Historical data changes (SCD2.)  Rarely do we use Type 1, only when 1 column is updated daily such as a timestamp column.   The current default in the Dimension Merge SCD is SCD1 Type 1 changes.   Sometimes our source systems have very wide tables, more than 300 columns.   To change all entries on the first tab in the Dimension Merge SCD object from SCD1 to SCD2 is very tedious and time consuming.

Please add a configuration change, such as on the properties before the object is opened for editing so that SCD2 instead of SCD1 can be presented as the default SCD Column Type.

It would also be advantageous if the outputs were then configured for the default SCD2 outputs instead of the SCD1 outputs that we must alter after configuring the previous tabs.