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License issue

We're using TaskFactory version 20.21.2. Our customer ID is SW22633429.

For some reason one of our licenses is no longer recognized as valid. We've had this license since 2017. Maintenance has expired, and SolarWinds support (866-530-8040, option 1) would not escalate to their technical team, directing me to this forum instead.

License Manager on the server shows the Activation Key we've always had. There is no License Expiration. When I go to "Install a License" >  "Use activation key" and enter our existing key, it shows a green check mark, but when I click Activate, it tells me "Activation Failed - The specified license is invalid".

I don't know if this is related but we recently migrated the server to AWS. The server name didn't change but obviously the IP address did (DNS record was updated).