To Our SentryOne Customers

When I first became a dad in the early 1990s, there were few things in this world I enjoyed more than reading to my kids. Naturally, Dr. Seuss and Curious George were a big part of that, but so were a lot of timeless fables, parables, and fairy tales full of anthropomorphic animals. I’m sure you noticed that, when compared to new stories, the characters in ancient fables faced real peril. But that peril made the moral of each story much more powerful.

You probably remember the stories and the morals too. Many are cautionary tales about the dangers of living in a cruel world where things like sloth (The Three Little Pigs), greed (The Three Billy Goats Gruff), or blind trust (The Fox and The Scorpion) could get you killed. But many have positive morals, like tenacity (The Tortoise and the Hare), kindness (The Lion and the Mouse), and facing change (The Grasshopper and the Ants).  

Change is hard, especially when the change involves a lot of unknowns. So I want to take a few minutes to encourage you, our SentryOne community. Despite a year in which a lot has changed, you don’t have to experience this change by yourself. You have been part of our greater SolarWinds IT community for almost a year, with over 180,000 family members here to make the transition to your new home seamless. We want to make sure you have all your thoughts heard, questions answered, and knowledge recognized. We do those things through THWACK.

For the ones who were already taking part in the community, welcome home. You’ve been here for almost a year! For those who aren’t sure what we are, become a member, explore the THWACK world, and we’re sure you’ll find lots to suit your needs and help you grow. Let us know in the comments here what you find, what you want to see, and what we can do to better help you. After all, you’re a part of a much bigger family now.

In closing, you might remember the old idiom that “two heads are better than one,” which came from ancient proverbs, but how much more so are thousands of heads better than one!

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