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Anyone else finding issues with the alerting logic with NAS Volumes and 2023.2?

I've got an alert with a broken name filter in 2023.2

I cant see from looking at it why it'd be triggering.

Through troubleshooting, i've rearranged the conditions within an AND block and that has resolved the issue.

This leads me to the conclusion that something might be wrong on the back end in a significant way. Anyone experienced any weirdness?

  • Hi,

    Can you paste the alert with the broken name filter?

  • Hi Marcinmt,

    turns out this is part of the "alerting broke in 2023.2" issues that the hotfix just came out for.

    I'm still short of the solarwind(company)-side description of the problem, but to me its primarily showing as a bug in translating between the UI in the alerts designer and the SWQL it produces. Often the bottom condition would be translated into something weird, so "Caption not like %__00%" could become "Caption not like 10*10"

    If you're still interested yell and i'll send more after some meetings and urgent work