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Change the "Projected Runout" setting on the Capacity Summary widget?

Is it possible to change the value used for the Projected Runout in the Capacity Summary widget in SRM?

How can this be changed to a value like 3 months?

  • Actually, I just realized that this must be a calculated value. The real questions then is how can I generate reports and/or alerts that show Pools that have a projected capacity runout of less than 3 months?

  • Try SWQL Like: 

        SRM_V.StorageArray.Caption AS [StorageArray],  
        SRM_V.Pools.Caption AS Pool,  
        SRM_V.Caption AS [StorageVolume],  
        SRM_V.CapacityAllocated AS [VSpace],
        SRM_V.CapacityRunoutDate as[Projected Runout Date],
        MONTHDIFF(GETUTCDATE(), SRM_V.CapacityRunoutDate) as [Months to runout]
    FROM Orion.SRM.Volumes SRM_V 
    Where MONTHDIFF(GETUTCDATE(), SRM_V.CapacityRunoutDate) < 4

    Its maybe not exactly what you would like but it should get you close.

    Also, take a look in SWQL Studio to see the other data in the same table. 

  • Thank you jm_sysadmin. I assume this query is in lieu of actually changing the projected runout value in the widget - which apparently is not possible. Right?

  • Oh, and this looks like it is for Arrays rather than Pools. Am I correct?