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Anyone got a decent way of reading Isilon events/alerts (ie the alerts you would see post-logging into the isilon itself)?

Hi All,

Got some alerts/events visible in isilon. Looks like forwarding auth events as syslog works, cant see any confirmation of non-auth events being forwardable though.

I've got a less-than-ideal custom api connection from the last time i'd had to ttroubleshoot getting isilon data.

Anyone got a good method already?

Any chance this is coming in a later update?

  • I don't have an Isilon handy to check directly at the moment but off the top of my head if the non-auth events cannot be set to emit as traps or syslogs, I am not aware of any other way beyond a custom API call. Those would be best suited to either a scripting component or API call from SAM rather than SRM.