Prerequisites and Additional components needed to install SRM

Hi All, I'm looking to deploy SRM onto and have been gathering information on the Prerequisites but would also like to know if there are any additional components needed other than what is already installed on our working Orian platform? The online documentation is very good and lists very well the licencing capability along with hardware requirements and operations.

Is this all I need to go back with? There is no mention of additional load on the Orian server etc when running SRM so just wanted to check.

Many thanks


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  • I am also in the same situation. I have working Solarwinds with SAM,NPM, NTA, UDT installed.

    I want to try evaluation version of SRM and same can be done via console itself as per documentation but i want to know if this requires downtime for my overall deployment.

    Also, I have never been able to successfully upgrade from console options. So, wanted to know if this goes wrong, can I switch to offline installation of evaluation version ?

    how was your experience ?



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