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Available capacity for Thick Provisioned LUNs? They are all showing 0% free.

How do we get the actual available capacity for Thick Provisioned LUNs? They are all showing 0% free.

  • From the array's perspective a thick provisioned LUN is full so that is what most devices report to SRM. Generally speaking you will want to look inside the owner of the filesystem (server / VM) mapped to the LUN to understand how much free space there is available.

  • This is what I ended up Using:

    s.Caption AS Array_Name,
    p.DisplayName AS Pool_Name,
    p.CapacityUserUsedPercentage AS UsedPercent,
    p.CapacityUserFreePercentage AS FreePercent,
    ROUND((p.CapacityUserTotal / 1.0995e+12),3) AS Total_TB,
    p.DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_Pool_Name],
    s.DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_Array_Name],
        WHEN p.Status = 1 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Storage_Pools_icon_up.png'
        WHEN p.Status = 2 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Storage_Pools_icon_down.png'
        WHEN p.Status = 3 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Storage_Pools_icon_warning.png'
        WHEN p.Status = 9 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Storage_Pools_icon_unmanaged.png'
        WHEN p.Status = 14 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Storage_Pools_icon_critical.png'
        ELSE '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Storage_Pools_icon_unknown.png'
    END AS [_IconFor_Pool_Name],
        WHEN s.Status = 1 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Arrays_icon_up.png'
        WHEN s.Status = 2 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Arrays_icon_down.png'
        WHEN s.Status = 3 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Arrays_icon_warning.png'
        WHEN s.Status = 9 THEN '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Arrays_icon_unmanaged.png'
        WHEN s.Status = 14 THEN '/Orion/iSRM/mages/StatusIcons/Small-Arrays_icon_critical.png'
        ELSE '/Orion/SRM/images/StatusIcons/Small-Arrays_icon_unknown.png'
    END AS [_IconFor_Array_Name]
    FROM Orion.SRM.Pools p
    JOIN Orion.SRM.StorageArrays s ON p.StorageArrayID = s.StorageArrayID
    WHERE usedpercent > 80 AND p.displayname NOT LIKE '0000'
    ORDER BY array_name ASC,
    usedpercent DESC;