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What's the feature and added benefits in using SRM v2019.4 for the HPE 3PAR Storage Array ?

Hi People,

I need some explanation or the example scenario of what is the benefits of adding or using the Storage Resource Monitor v6.0 (2019.4) when my HPE 3PAR array is already monitored using the HPE Infosight (Cloud Analytics & AI), HPE Primera & 3PAR StoreServ?

All of those components are available and added by HPE as no added cost (Free) while the SRM license is per Disk?

Thanks in advance.

  • There is not much point, the 3PAR support is pretty poor, it doesn't translate capacity values correctly. I have some VVols/LUN's in SRM showing over 100% full whereas in StoreServ the utilisation is about 20%.. I opened a ticket wish Solarwinds 10 months ago and it was turned into a feature request.. I mean how that's not a bug I really don't know. Especially when they tout full support of 3PAR arrays with SRM