Add SQL Target: unable do resolve network location

Hi guys, 

First time using SQL SENTRY.

I'm having this error message when I try to add my first target to monitor: "unable do resolve network location"

Network is working fine, from the server where Sentry is installed I can connect on the target host with Management Studio. 

Looks like something simple that I'm missing.

Here is printscreen:

Thanks a lot.


  • Hi.

    I'm experiencing the same issue.

    I have two non-domain servers; a transactional instance and a replicated MI instance. I am installing SQL Sentry on the MI instance to monitor the transactional instance.

    When connected to the MI instance and running SSMS I can connect to the transactional instance without any issue. When I try to connect with SQL Sentry, I get an error:

    Connect to Target Failed
    We were unable to connect to this Target. The additional information below may help in resolving the issue.

    Additional Information: Unable to resolve network location.

    So far:

    • As mentioned above, connecting with SSMS works absolutely fine.
    • I have carried out the wbemtest.exe check described above and this passes.
    • I have tried to connect using an instance name or IP address but neither work.
    • I can not telnet using port 1433 so am using the listening port 54916. 54916 works in telnet.

    Any support gratefully received!



  • Hey there  !

    I'd recommend opening a case with Support and they should be able to work with you to resolution.

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