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Scalability Pack says Installed False after an upgrade

We just upgraded to SQL Sentry build 2023.1.3.38556 and noticed that the Help --> About shows Scalability Pack Installed: False. Does anyone else have the Scalability Pack installed but your Help --> About says otherwise?

  • This is set when you initially install SQL Sentry and it does not get updated when you install the Scalability Pack. After installing the Scalability Pack, this needs to be updated manually.

  • Thanks for circling back to your own post to answer it. Replying separately with some additional details in case others come across this post.

  • The Scalability Pack historically was implemented manually Ad Hoc. In recent builds it became baked into the SQL Sentry installer, but will only be applied if tied to a fresh install with it baked in. Simply upgrading will not apply it if not done so already, due the significant impact building the CCIs can have based on per-existing data volume.

    Additionally, if you had previously applied the Scalability Pack manually, the new flag that maps to the About page where you can now see if the Scalability Pack is installed does not get flipped.

    If needed this can be done manually using the below query:

    UPDATE ApplicationSettings
    SET ScalabilityPackEnabled = 2

    Additional Notes:

    The below query returning "1" is a more meaningful indicator that the scalability pack has been applied and active.

    SELECT IsPADataWriterBufferingEnabled
    FROM ApplicationSettings

    You can further verify by checking if your SQL Sentry DB has tables for the Staging and Partitioning Schema, which only exists if the Scalability Pack has been implemented.