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Plan Explorer and SSMS 19 Builds

I have been a long-time Plan Explorer user since it was a SentryOne product. I had installed the latest version 2021.8.20.27124 on a server running SSMS 18.12.1 and I could click on an execution plan and I could open it in Plan Explorer.
I recently installed the latest SSMS 19 build and of course it didn't offer me that option. 
My first attempt was to perform a repair of Plan Explorer and this had the same effect.
Next, I uninstalled and then reinstalled Plan Explorer. Again it shows up in SSMS 18 but not SSMS 19.
My first question is will it run in SSMS 19?
My second question is my problem created by having the two version of SSMS side-by-side? I used the default locations for SSMS 18 and SSMS 19.