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How do I make an exception to global advisory condition?

I have a Global Advisory Condition that I want to exclude or modify for a specific target.

For example I want "% Free Space - Disk" advisory condition to trigger at 5%, not 10% for "Server X". However, I can't edit Global advisory conditions. It instead prompts me to create a copy instead. Is that really what I want to do? A competing monitoring tool I used years ago was so much easier. I could just pick the server I wanted the exception for, and it would cascade the rules down by itself.

  • Hi! Yes, in order to modify any of the conditions in the condition pack (externally signed), you first need to make a copy. Once you've made the necessary changes and saved the condition, you can simply disable/delete the original. 

    On the topic of ease of use, this is something we're considering changing in a future release of SQL Sentry. Thank you for your feedback!

  • Okay. I don't see where I can select which objects to exclude/modify. I can add an additional criteria to my new copy of the rule, but it's asking me to add a numeric/string/datetime etc... comparison. Guess I was expecting a screen of checkboxes where I could simply click the ones to exclude. Could you provide specifics on how to exclude a specific server name? Thanks!