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SQL Sentry User Feedback


My name is Kerry Sim and I'm a UX Researcher at SolarWinds interested in getting your feedback based on your experiencing of using SQL Sentry as a whole but specifically on the Home/Start Page. 

If you're available and interested in talking with me about how your experience has been, please do reach out to me or post your feedback right here in this discussion forum. You can post a message/comment here to express your interest in scheduling sometime to chat (if you leave your email) or email me at the address below! Looking forward to chatting with you and learning about your experience!

  • Hi Kerry

    Going from DPA to SQL Sentry 2021.8.20 - loved DPA and now trying to understand the simiilarities/differences.  So far, so good.  Just got portal up and running,


  • We have just started working with SQL Sentry.  It is a great compliment to DPA and the other Solarwind products.

  • Hi Kerry,

    Once we updated our version to 2021.18, the Start Page started crashing.

    After some investigation, we found that this happens because the underlying SQL command is being SQL injected with a list of monitored objects for an IN() operator.

    Once there are too many monitored targets and advisory conditions, this causes a compilation error because the list is too long.

    We're experiencing this as we are an MSP with a lot of customers all handled by the same SQLSentry repository.

    We already have a support case open for this bug.