SentryOne Monitoring service stopping

At the last update on of the DBAs accidently installed both the client tools and the monitoring service to their PC meaning (site configuration) we now had 2 monitoring services running.
We noticed that some of the SQLSentry email alerts were originating from his PC.
I got him to stop the service on his PC so that I could remove it from the list leaving just the original server where the monitoring service has run fine for years.
After this we stopped receiving any emails. When I checked the windows service on the server it had stopped, so I started it. Moments later the status of the service changed from running to stopping. We I look at site config in SQL Sentry I see that under default site the icon (cog) next to the server name is greyed out.
When my colleague restarts the service on his PC it is auto added to the list of monitoring services and emails begin to flow again.
Obviously this is not idea - how can we force SQL Sentry to accept the server as the default/only monitoring service?

  • Couple of things you might try just off the top of my head:

    • Have the person that installed on their PC uninstall all SQL Sentry binaries and reinstall just the client
    • On the server, make sure that monitoring service can startup and stay started - pay close attention to the version of the monitoring service on the server as the person's PC may have the latest release and the server doesn't which could be why it won't stay started
    • If there is a spare server where you can install another monitoring service, you might consider installing that secondary in case of a failure and to also load balance monitoring responsibilities

    If this doesn't pan out well, would recommend opening a support case for this as they'd likely need to start looking through logs to find out why things aren't working correctly.