SQL monitor disconnects nightly to SQL Reporting Services instance.

Hello everyone,

I have a set of 4 SQL Servers we monitor, but the reporting server seems to go offline in the monitor every night, and I have to close the monitor window and relaunch it for it to reconnect. It reports "A timeout occurred connecting to SQL server."

All the others remain connected and all are in the same node, so it's not a network issue. Also I've had SSMS up on the server in question and it remains online even when Sentry disconnects.

Has anyone else had this issue? It seems to occur overnight every day and just started recently after we changed to a new service account to monitor the servers, but the configurations match all the other servers for rights and there are no internet or network outages that have occurred.

All the monitored instances are running SQL Standard 2016.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have on this issue!


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