SQL Sentry Early Access - Wait Stats

We're pleased to announce the SQL Sentry® Early Access Program, a new program that gives our customers and business partners a chance to use and test new product features in the development cycle. This program provides a preview of features and functionality that may be included in a future update to SQL Sentry. 

The Early Access Program is feature-driven and iterative, providing new iterations and code drops as deemed ready for early access by our development team.  

Based on the results of the early access, SolarWinds may improve or adjust the features or, in some cases, withdraw them from the code stream.  

SQL Sentry v2023.2 Wait Stats Early Access

We are excited to announce that Wait Analysis is now available in early access for SQL Sentry, bringing parity with other SolarWinds database monitoring offerings. SQL Server has hundreds of wait types that can help you troubleshoot performance problems. This enhances the information available in the Top SQL dashboard in Portal, furthering the root cause analysis capabilities of SQL Sentry. 

The addition of wait stats in SQL Sentry makes it the product of choice for MS SQL Server environments. With this release, you can view top waits by app, top waits by DB, top waits by host, and top waits by login. 


Note:  Waits are recorded through the sqlserver.top.*category*.waits metrics and can be used to make custom charts with the Custom Charts feature 

Why Use an Early Access Feature? 

By using an Early Access feature, you'll be among the first customers to try a feature. You will provide valuable feedback to our development team to help us continually evolve and improve its capabilities. In addition, you may be eligible for future updates and enhancements we make to that feature before we announce it to everyone else. 

How Do I Get Early Access? 

You must be a licensed user of SQL Sentry. To enable Wait Analysis, you'll need to execute the following into the SQL Sentry database:   

INSERT INTO FeatureFlag VALUES ('SQLWaitAnalyticsCollection', 1);

Afterwards, restart the SQL Sentry Monitoring service. 

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