SQL Sentry 2023.4 Deep Dive

The new SQL Sentry 2023.4 focuses on enhancing your database management experience and delivering more value to customers. This update continues the work started in Q2, with improvements aimed at making the Portal more user-friendly and reducing the time it takes for customers to see value. To learn more about the new features, let’s dive in!


Portal’s Health Overview (EHO): Streamlined Insights

One of the highlights of SQL Sentry 2023.3 was the introduction of a revamped Environment Health Overview (EHO) screen in Portal. This new view consolidated multiple pages into a simplified and user-friendly interface, offering a high-level view of your database environment. The four key components previously providing invaluable insights were the health score, health score history, server scores, and health alerts. This was a good start, but we knew we could do more.

Introducing Vitals

In SQL Sentry 2023.4, we are taking a step forward by introducing vitals. We understand when it comes to managing your database, certain metrics are absolutely critical. Vitals like CPU usage, Transactions per second, Total Waits, and Regressed Queries are now at your fingertips. What's exciting is that CPU, Transactions per second, and Total Waits are presented with real-time data (the latest 2-min resolution), allowing you to compare the current utilization with the same timestamp 24 hours ago. This glance into high and anomalous utilization data is yet another way for users to identify areas of concern quickly. As always, this is just the start; we plan to do much more on this page in the coming releases.

(In Preview) Query Regressions: Anomaly Detection

Now, let's talk about a noteworthy addition to SQL Sentry 2023.4 - Query Regressions. This feature brings you closer to your data by identifying potential query regressions by comparing a query's total average duration to the average duration of the last 24 hours. If a query experiences a significant duration increase, SQL Sentry marks it as a regression and highlights it in EHO. This will aid users in quickly identifying and tackling performance issues swiftly.


Health Alerts: Improved Clarity

Clear and comprehensive alerts are vital for efficient database management. In the last iteration, we introduced features to see message details, close/acknowledge, and assign alerts. However, we realized complex alerts like Advisory Conditions could still be challenging to understand, especially for new users. SQL Sentry 2023.4 does something rather simple but impactful: displaying the alert description alongside the message details. This enhancement helps users understand the condition and its importance and provides hyperlinks to explore relevant content.

Top SQL: A Better Experience

Top SQL remains one of the most critical features in SQL Sentry. In 2023.4, we've revamped this feature to ensure it provides the best experience possible. In response to user feedback, we've separated Completed Queries and Proc/Query Stats into two distinct tabs within Top SQL to make it a more organized (and familiar) experience. This change makes it easier than ever to navigate and analyze your data.


But that's not all! We're introducing two new columns in the Totals view of the Completed Queries section. These columns provide insights into the number of Regressed Queries using specific rules, and selecting this number takes you to a 24-hour view of Top SQL. Here, you'll find two new columns: Avg. Duration and % change, offering a snapshot of the current full average duration and the percentage change in the last 24 hours.

SQL Sentry 2023.4 brings valuable enhancements to database management. With a more user-friendly interface, the introduction of vitals, query regression detection, improved alert clarity, and an enhanced Top SQL experience, you have the tools needed to navigate the evolving world of database management effectively. Explore these new features and unlock the potential of SQL Sentry.


Until next time…


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