Narrow Your Focus on the Environment Health Overview (EHO)

It was just over a year ago that Jason Hall shared how we can Make Life Easier Using the Environment Health Overview. If you have a large number of servers, you may find yourself scrolling through the list to find the server that is your primary concern, but there's an easier way.

EHO The Environment Health Overview Page

The first thing to remember is that the grid on this page, like the grid throughout the SQL Sentry client, allows you to sort on any column just by clicking on it. Click on the Name title in the grid, and you'll see that the contents are now in order by name instead of the most recent event.

Sort by Name Click the Name header to sort the grid by server name

You can go a step further, by clicking on the tiny funnel icon next to the Name title. This will cause a dropdown list to appear populated with a list of the unique server names contained in that column. Click on the server name you want to focus on.

Select Server Name Click the funnel icon next to the Name title to get the dropdown, then click on the server name you want to focus on.

Now the grid list contains only the events associated with the server you want to focus on.

Just One Just one server has now been selected, allowing you to focus on that one.

Hopefully this little trick will help you focus on the problems that need the most attention.

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