Introducing Plan Explorer 2024.1

We're thrilled to unveil the latest release of Plan Explorer, packed with new features and enhancements to streamline your SQL Server performance analysis. Plan Explorer is a query optimization tool for SQL Server with index analysis, query performance profiling, playback, plan recosting, and plan diagrams. It’s completely free to download with no payment model, so you can get a taste of SQL Server monitoring before deciding to jump into a full product.

We know people love Plan Explorer, so we’ve given it some love.

Here's a glimpse into what's new with Plan Explorer:

Introducing the new start page
In this release, we're excited to introduce a revamped start page to provide users quick access to valuable resources. The new start page offers convenient links to documentation, news about community events, and information about other powerful tools in the SolarWinds portfolio. Now users can stay informed and connected with the SQL Server community while leveraging the full potential of Plan Explorer.

Enhanced visibility with Plan Guide indication
Plan Explorer now provides insights into query execution by indicating when a Plan Guide is in use. This feature offers invaluable visibility, allowing users to better understand and optimize query performance guided by Plan Guides.

Streamlined deadlock investigation
Deadlocks can create significant performance overhead due to killing SPIDs, rolling back transactions, and forcing application retry logic. Investigating what’s causing them is crucial (think application logic, isolation levels, and data model normalization). With the latest release, users can now copy and paste deadlock XMLs directly into Plan Explorer for in-depth analysis. This simplifies the process of identifying and resolving deadlock issues, empowering users to take swift action to ensure smooth database operations.

Dedicated deadlock XML tab
We've introduced an additional tab specifically dedicated to displaying deadlock XML to further streamline the investigation. This centralized view provides a comprehensive overview of deadlock details, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and resolution.

Compatibility with SQL Server 2022
As technology evolves, so does Plan Explorer. With this release, we're proud to announce full support for SQL Server 2022 plans, ensuring users can leverage the latest advancements in SQL Server while benefiting from Plan Explorer’s robust performance analysis capabilities.

Commitment to continuous improvement

To sustain intelligent, ongoing investment in Plan Explorer and deliver even more value to our users, we would love your feedback as part of the process by receiving your contact information when you download it. The latest release of Plan Explorer marks a renewed commitment to empower SQL Server professionals with the tools they need to optimize performance, streamline operations, and drive business success. Plan Explorer remains the ultimate companion for SQL Server performance analysis with enhanced visibility, streamlined deadlock investigation, support for the latest SQL Server advancements, and a continued commitment to innovation.

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