Announcing the New SQL Sentry Demo Site

We are delighted to announce our new public-facing demo site for SQL Sentry is now live.  

SolarWinds® SQL Sentry® helps empower Microsoft Data Professionals to achieve breakthrough performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. As such, it is often the monitoring tool of choice for DBAs and is well-known in the SQL Server community. 

Our demo site showcases SQL Sentry Portal, the cutting-edge, web-based UI modernizing the product. 

We are committed to investing in SQL Sentry. Over the last number of releases, significant development work has gone into Portal. We are delighted to showcase the comprehensive visibility provided by SQL Sentry. 

Our demo site shows the power of using SQL Sentry to optimize SQL Server database performance to achieve faster root cause analysis and the new capability of analyzing query-level wait statistics. Now data pros can get the deep capabilities of SQL Sentry in a web portal with intuitive UI and enhanced customization options. 

Curious to see it in action? Visit our demo site at: 

Take SQL Sentry for a spin and unlock the potential for exceptional database performance.

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