Future Consideration

This feature is being worked on by our UX team in the backlog along with other features. We are working towards being able to provide a dark mode natively and will update here once this has a stable placement on our roadmap. 

Service Desk Dark Mode

Please add a Dark Mode option for Service Desk please!

  • I suggest looking into the web extension Dark Reader. Works really well with making every site dark as well as SWSD. Also it has per-site settings. So you can turn off dark mode on 1 site vs not on all the others

  • Hi Chuck, we did mentioned that while it is the top requested item, on THWACK, it is not the highest impact feature which is why it doesn't have the highest priority. We also mentioned that the UX team is working on this in the backlog but again not at the highest priority so it can get pushed if something with higher priority comes along. We are always faced with making the decision on what is going to make the biggest impact on the way agents work. We believe that items like editing inputs post service request submission, automations, runbooks, beyond it (ESM), enhanced task management, project management, canned responses, and more will make you and your agents lives easier and help you provide the best support to your end users. 

    Happy to hear any feedback and thanks for being a member of the THWACK community. 

    Joey Brown - Senior Product Manager | SWSD

  • I was disappointed to hear at the September-2023 quarterly update web-ex that this feature has been put on hold/delayed due to SW staff not believing it was "functionally important" to the platform.  Seems all the talk of working on it in the background was just talk.

  • This is fair and the last update we made on this feature was a year ago. Since then our UX team has been working on this in the background so we can get it implemented via the backlog. I will update the status to reflect the movement this feature has had over the last year. Thanks for your comment!

  • Yes, I can make my own accessibility accommodations, but I would challenge those questioning the importance of this request to consider those of us who have eye injuries or light sensitivities and have to deal with headaches, nausea, and dizziness, but still love what we do in Tech and spend most of our day in this App managing queues, teams, and users while trying to perform our best without letting those issues impact our work. It's more prevalent than you think. Our company pays a considerable amount of money for these licenses, so to just dismiss this request as go get a browser plug in is disappointing. Our Security team restricts such browser plug ins, so that isn't even an option. Edge even warns "WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD! By enabling these features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy. Enabled features apply to all users of this browser. If you are an enterprise admin you should not be using these flags in production." I'm not saying it should be top priority over other feature requests, but I believe it deserves a place in the backlog.