Future Consideration

Improved Incident Search

All we have now is the search bar at the top of the incidents page for keyword searches, but this often returns far too many results to be effective/efficient.  For example, if I need to search for a closed incident submitted by "User Name", I type in either the word "printer" and get thousands of results, or the user's name and get perhaps hundreds of results.

Please build a mechanism for an "advanced search" for more easily locating specific incidents.  This would likely need to allow for a search dialog box that would incluce multiple fields: submission date range, submitter, status, description key word, etc.

  • This comes into effect more when doing a search when "merging" tickets. Using that search to find the incident you are looking for is extremely difficult, unless you know an exact ticket number.

  • I agree the search feature is not great.  A couple more thoughts:

    1. Why does it not search based on partial words? For instance, a category is named AppDev and if I search app it returns no results. 

    2. Please allow filtering on the page based on the column headers. Having to change the view over and over is exhausting.  Yes I have multiple views for my different teams but perhaps I only need to see critical or assigned to a specific person for a second.  Why do I need to edit the view and take 5+ clicks to do something that should be a drop down option. 

  • I totally get the frustration of getting too many results and needing a way to narrow them down.
    An advanced search mechanism with multiple fields like submission date range, submitter, status, and description keywords would be a game-changer. It would make it much easier to locate specific incidents without sifting through a sea of unrelated results.
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  • Advanced search with additional drop down options would allow me to sort and search more effectively.  Options such as sorting by  "resolved/closed vs active", by requestor, by category.

  • Hey people, are you talking about the search for on the agent portal or the user portal?

    If this is about the agent portal, I am not saying this is a bad idea since it need to be more intuitive, but if I'm not mistaken the Edit View link at the left of the incident page (and every other pages) was once called Filter.

    You can actually search quite acurate there, at least you can search exactly what you've given as an example.

    Even the search bar can be really acurate if you can learn its key words. There's actually a good documentation about this.

    So let's say you are looking for incident number 3514, you have to type number:3514.

    You are looking for a closed incident submitted by user1 you can type state:closed AND requester:user1.

    I agree though, it could be more intuitive.