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High Priority - accessing attachment on approval step

Hi THWACK Community,

I am Zmira Mefei, an IT Technician at Plus500Ltd.

We encounter a big issue and I think the solution should be straightforward with the minimal code change.

I must mention that before getting to write this post I had 3 sessions with your technical support so please know that we have done everything we can and we come on a point when code change is needed to how you call it  - feature request Slight smile


I created a catalog item with an attachment customer filed, and under the process, we have an approval step. - it's for an invoice/purchase approval.

This approval step is done by our COO (Alon Cohen Naznin) which is under the "Service Agent User" role.

Alon can approve/decline these incidents from his portal view under "My Service Tasks" but when he clicks on the incident from this view he can't access/able clicking the attachment, the attachment is grayed out.

I think the code change should be small, cause in every other view the attachment is clickable, but from other views, there is no option to approve/decline.

We want to let Alon be able to approve/decline and at the same time access the attachment.

Please do your best to find a solution to this feater request, it's really important to us.

Thank you and have a great weekend!


Zmira Mefei