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Edit Service Request dependency fields after submitting

If a user submits a service request and enters incorrect info or the info (i.e. user, date, etc.) has changed, we need the ability to change that info on the requester side or agent side. 

  • This should really be implemented sooner, rather than later.

  • This needs to be put into production ASAP.  We are being told to use Custom Forms + Incidents + Dynamic Form logic as a workaround.  Without being able to edit fields in Service Requests, there are a number of implications...

    1. There is a strong distinction made between Incidents and Service Requests inside of SWSD, and forcing us to use Incidents for their editable fields (coupled with Custom Forms in place of Service Requests) goes against Solar Wind’s own ideology.
    2. Trying to stay organized becomes more difficult, as what should be cataloged with other services is now being hidden in the “Setup” menu’s “Custom Forms”.
    3. Cloning a Custom Form is not possible, so this duplicates work when creating templates for similar tasks.
    4. Since these will now all be categorized as Incidents, this will increase the difficulty of getting accurate reports.
    5. Since we are being told to use Incidents instead of Service Requests, it is not possible to link to it in a “Highlighted Services” section on the Customer Portal.
    6. And as you mentioned, processes are not able to be attached anymore (unless you pay for a higher tier subscription for this workaround).
    7. Everything is logged in the Audit tab anyways, so there's no reason these fields can't be unlocked for editing.
  • Wait, this is not a feature?  Im shocked that this needs to be voted on.  

  • Please add this as a feature to the application. It will be very much helpful for everyone