This request has been released. See  SWSD Jan 21st : Better approval collaboration and service request to incident conversions for more information.  

comments in approvals - available for all task users / requestors to see

It would be really useful if the comments you can add when you approve or decline are visible to all task users and potentially requestors too. At the moment if you want to add a comment it can only be seen by the admin or service users, so it is very restricting when you also want to add a comment back to the requestor or another task user in the process.

  • Do we have a status on the other task users being able to see the comments left by the approver?

    Hello, thank you for your comments.
    Today you have the ability to update the requester on why his request was approved/denied in the comment tab in the ServiceDesk the approver agent can write an update to the requester and update about his request.

  • Hi - we have short & long term plans to work on our task management module and that includes the ability to add comments to the task. We plan on relooking at who can see these notes on tasks and approvals when we dive into this new functionality. I will take this feature request into consideration as we work on the new task management module as it makes total sense for your requesters and or service task users to see the comments from approvals. Maybe if we give you the ability to make the comment public or private like you can on a regular comment on an incident?

  • I would also like to be able to add an Approval Task to an existing Incident, we have had a few incidents about something not working from a users perspective, in reality it's working as designed but we can change that if we get approval from their manager so just adding a task on to get approval would be great but it doesn't appear to be possible 

  • Here's another fun aspect of this problem, I believe: when a user approves or denies a request, do you know where that comment goes?  It might as well go into a black hole.  We've had situations where somebody gives conditional approval, like "ok but only for 1 month," and we miss it.  This of course indicates a process problem, but from the user's perspective, they think they're communicating to us and we're highly likely to miss the comment.  The person who put in the request also has no idea why it was denied, as this feature request indicates.