On the Roadmap

We have plans to give the end user the ability to select from a list of assets that they are marked the owner of when creating an incident from the portal. 

Auto Attach Computer to Ticket

We have the agent installed on all of our machines.  It would be nice if there was some way, when using the portal, that the computer they are submitting on would be auto attached to the ticket.  It is nice to be able to go to Related > Attach > Configuration Item and attach the computer.  It allows for easy historical tracking and seeing how many tickets that PC has been a problem in.  However, getting techs to take those steps is hit or miss.  Even for myself.  Even if this has to be some separate plugin for chrome/edge i would be okay with that as getting the proper asset info into the ticket would be extremely helpful. 

  • Perhaps a standard field in the incident template that is linked to the CMDB, for those who are using it, so that you can start typing a computer name to attach to the ticket? Maybe that field has a checkbox (still a little manual) to enable searching the CMDB so that in case the CI has not been created, you can still record asset context?automatic assignment being problematic for the reasons put forth below.

  • Starting a new thread here to ask the following:
    What if we were to give the end users the ability to select from a list of assets they are marked the owner/user of when creating the incident? This would allow them to say, "hey, this incident actually is about this asset." or "There is no asset that is apart of this incident." Thoughts?

  • Agree to disagree based on my 20+ years of managing and building out various helpdesks. In your scenario the same issues arise. What if someone is submitting a ticket from a different machine? What if the problem is not with the machine that the person is submitting the ticket from? 

    Conclusion is one size doesn't fit all circumstances and situations. In my experience with more than 10 different help desk systems over the years my way has worked best for me. 


  • I would have to disagree.  not all of our machines are 1:1 ratio.  Some user may use multiple machines / one machine may have multiple users.  Would not be useful for the machine to only be attached based on the user.  What if they submit a ticket from another machine than their primary?  then the wrong info is in the ticket.  Far more useful to simply attach the machine the ticket is being submitted from, in my opinion.