Future Consideration

This is a great feature request and would benefit a lot of our users. We have this on our long term plans as we continue to work towards a better model for beyond IT use cases in SWSD. We will update the status of this feature as we get closer to starting development. 

Assigning more than one role to a user

Currently only able to create a role, and if one of those users is needing to perform additional responsibilities, you have to create a completely new role to incorporate what they currently do and along with the new role. There are not very many people who do more than one role but the few do not perform the same duties. 

  • This is an on-going pain point for my users. We have a variety of Roles in use today and some exist for only one person because, like other leadership, they need to be able to view all tickets pertaining to their specific team(s)/Department/Site(s) but also need to be able to act as a "Hiring Manager."