Resolved Tickets Widget or Report By User/Agent for Monthly, Weekly, Daily Reporting/Visibility


Good morning, All -

I'm looking for this type of reporting that doesn't sound like it would be too difficult to get. I reached out to SW Support and they were less than helpful, stating that what I want isn't possible...which surprised me.

A widget would be ideal from the dashboard view. I have created quick edit of what I'm looking for. Having a daily, weekly, and monthly version of this widget would be a huge benefit:

If this is not possible in a widget than I'd settle for a report. I've fumbled through the canned reports and have spent too much time trying to identify the best way to do this and it I just cannot seem to get what I'm looking for and/or the report that is being generated does not match what I can see from the Service Desk Incident screen using assigned to and state filters.

I would appreciate any assistance anyone could provide