What permissions are required for a SWSD user to view dashboards?

Greetings SWSD Users,

Our management team is asking to configure SWSD so that IT liasons from different departments can view a dashboard that pertains to that department's ticket status, etc.  Is that possible, and if so, what permissions are required for that?  We created a custom role called "Dashboard Users", but have yet to determine what permissions accomplish what is needed to achieve our goal.

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  • Hi  

    The user should be an administrator or a Service Agent to view any created or shared dashboard who will need a license to assign with.

    The user role can be created with a clone of the Service agent role.

    Give permission Read - Incident

    Scope - Department - select the department name

    Remove all other restrictions and permissions

    Create custom user roles for all departments separately.

    Assign the user role for the selected users

    Create the Dashboard as an administrator

    Share the Dashboard with role-assigned users according to their department.

    Impersonate the user as an administrator

    Navigate to the Dashboard section change the view to the newly shared dashboard and set it as the default dashboard view.

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