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Mass Delete Groups in SolarWinds Service Desk

I am new to this forum and new to SolarWinds Service Desk. 

I recently setup Azure auto provisioning of users and groups from my Azure AD.  I inadvertently left the setting to sync all users and groups, and now imported over 3000 users and 3000 groups into SolarWinds. 

SolarWinds support was able to help me remove the thousands of users but mentioned that bulk deleting groups would require API scripting.  They mentioned that I could use their professional services to write the script (for an additional fee) or try to write a script myself, but it goes beyond the scope of their support. 

Support provided the below link to a KB that talks about deleting groups.

My question is, has anyone created a script to mass delete groups, or delete all groups except for a select few?   I would even be open to simply deleting all groups and recreating the groups that I need.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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