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Option to CC users in comments

Some users on our domain are able to CC other users in the comments field while others are not. Everyone has the same permissions and options when the account is first setup. We have tried to replicate by creating a new user but they are able to CC others in the comments. 

Is there an option that can be set to allow users to CC in the comments?

  • Hi , are you talking about the at-mention feature or something else?

    If it's the at-mention feature, there are a couple of different limitations. At-mentions can currently only be added to comments while in the "Agent" view, and not in the end user portal. Even if you have an Agent role, the comment box in the portal view won't allow at-mentions.

    If you're in the agent view, you can at-mention anyone with an account in the system while writing a public comment. If you're writing a private comment, you will only be able to at-mention other agents. In the screenshots below, the "ADM Mkiah" account has the "Requester" role and you can see that there are no results when trying to at-mention that account in the Private comment.