Url from a SWSD dashboard to Intranet page

Hi i would like to link a Solarwinds service desk dashboard to an internal website is this possible or even a live RSS feed to active incidents page

  • Howdy ,

    I like this use case, and we do have an RSS export you should be able to leverage. Have you tried it? You can access it from most of the index views within the Service Desk.

    Once you have created the desired filters, save the view. After saving it, use the Actions at the top right of the list and scroll down to Export> RSS. When the page changes, copy the URL. This is what you'll use on the target site.

    Let us know how this works! Alternatively, you can use the API to create your own queries.

  • Hi,

    I have tried an rss feed but it it not working, we use unily for our intranet page so it doesnt seem compatible. I havnt had much experience with API's would you have an starter guides? 

  • Howdy again !

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