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Requester Department & Requester job Title in Service Catalogue

Hello Thwack community, 

As part of our Access management we want to create a Service Request for our internal applications, which is binding the employee department and job Title with the required access for our IT agent to grant this access after approval . 

here is the steps i tried to follow to make this request. 

Step 1 : Using Field dependency mapping the requester department [ system field ] with Request job title 

Step 2 : Using Field dependency mapping The requester job Title [ System field ] with eligible access [ custom field ] 

step 3 : using Service catalogue,  the system will figure out which access are eligible for the requester since all the inputs already provided. 

Challenges :- 

A. in step 1 we don't have requester job title as system field

B. in step 3 the system will consider the department field of the service not the requester department . [ Figure1 ] for the clarification. 

if anyone can have a workaround to do this request or suggestion please let me know. 


  • Howdy ,

    I love this idea!

    Title is a System Field, but it's also a Free Text field. What you may need to do just create inputs that match any potential job title, since you'll need a defined list to create logic, and allow the submitter to select. 

    Department, when being checked by the system, will always look at the Department of the ticket itself. This will be set to match the submitter's department as long as you leave the Site and Department fields on the Catalog Item blank.

    I hope this helps!