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Adding approval option into the email send to the approver.


I'm settings a form to define which physical acces should i grant or not for a new comer.

This forms have an approval workflow that send an email to designated person in charge of allowing or not acces.

I'll like this person be able to receive an email with the option "yes" or "no" into the mail so he don't have to connect to SW and reach the ticket to approve it.

that is possible to be added as feature ?  

  • Hello,

    I think the feature you are looking for may already be available. If you go to Setting > Global Settings > Notification Settings > scroll to the bottom to "In-Notification Direct Actions"

    With this enabled, the Approver will be able to click "Approve" or "Decline" in the approval request email to immediately take the action without having to go to the Portal.

  • Aye, support told me to raise the ticket as it was not implemented. seems to be the solution. thanks a lot.

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