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Bulk remove multiple networked devices assets

Is there a way to bulk remove multiple Networked Devices under Assets?  I noticed the Actions menu in the upper right of the other Assets categories is missing for the Networked Devices category which is super frustrating.  I need to remove about 100 devices which is a serious PITA when you have to do it one at a time.

  • You ever get an answer? I'm looking for this myself. 

  • Hi, currently there isnt a way to mass delete network devices and I have to agree with TMoore that is a PITA at the moment. We have plans of moving all the network devices to the CMDB, which you can see on our What We Are Working On post, but it's taking us more time than we thought. In the meantime, we are going to work on adding more functionality to the network devices area so you can mass update, mass delete, and also have more common fields on network devices. 

    Keep your eye on the WWWO page to keep track of everything we are working on at the moment. 


    -Joey Brown

    Senior Product Manager