Incident Catalog Item like Service Request Catalog Item

Hi All, 

Just wondering if this has been asked and there another post I can like to get this pushed up the pipeline more. 

We are looking to have Incident Catalog items, not to be mistaken with Service Request Catalog items which are prefixed Requests users can makes such as password resets and requesting a keyboard, but a Catalog of prefixed reoccurring incidents that we can link to that with the appropriate categories for reporting. 

I know certain incidents can be different but a lot we get are the same thing and I feel putting it under a Catalog item for solely incidents would help organisation a lot more. 

  • Hi there Jack....when I administrated the SWSD at the hospital where I came from, we actually utilized a Custom Incident Form that displayed 2 custom fields - Hardware Issue / Software Issue.  Choosing either one would Hide the other (so users did not choose both issues :-) ) and Show another Custom Drop Down to identify the Hardware or Software having the issue.  Selecting from that drop down would Show another drop down for "symptoms".

    We analyzed tickets submitted in the previous 12 months in order to build out these "issue templates" as well as collaboration with the agents on what they observe day to day.

    This method allowed for a very simple incident intake form and automation rules were configured to route/categorize appropriately based on the data submitted.

    I hope this information is helpful!  Also, this would be a great Feature Request as well.  Those can be entered here -

    Thank you! Michael