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No email notification for incidents created or updated via API

We've noticed that incidents created or updated via the API do not create email notifications.  Is this expected behavior or a bug?  We've tested the following:

  • Create incident via API - no notification email
  • Update incident via API - no notification email
  • Use the web interface to update an incident created via API - email notifications are sent 
  • Create incident via web interface then update via api - notifications (to requester and assignee) are sent on creation via the web interface, but no notifications are sent on modifications via the api - for example, the assignee is changed, and no notification is sent to the new assignee (or the old one for that matter, or to the requester)

I've looked through our automation settings and don't see anything custom we have for sending notifications - just the standard settings in the notifications section (Settings -> Service Desk -> Notifications).  We have custom actions to send emails on SLA breaches if an incident is not assigned within x days, and we receive those notifications, but no one is seeing incidents assigned to them until the SLA Breach automation kicks in, because nothing gets sent on initial creation via the API.

I've also noticed that the assignee receives push notifications just fine via the mobile app when incidents are created/modified via the api, just no email notifications sent - so the system is certainly triggering "something" when the incidents are created/modified.

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